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FUT 21 crossplay, can PS4 users play against PS5 players?

time 2020-12-27 00:00

The versions of FUT 21 for Xbox Series X|S and PS5 are available from December 4 and have been a complete success among players of both consoles, due to the improvements implemented in the gameplay and the considerable leap in graphic quality with respect to the previous generation version.
However, one of the things most requested by FUT users is crossplay. Crossplay is an option that allows players on different consoles or systems to play the same game and compete with each other in the same matches.
This option has already been implemented by games like Fortnite that already allow players to play with each other regardless of the console they are using. But in FUT this is something that has not yet been applied.
FUT 21 will admit crossplay?
At the moment, EA Sports has not incorporated crossplay in FUT 21, so PS5 players are not able to face their friends who have Xbox Series X|S or PC.
This option has been widely considered by EA but they have never taken a clear position on it, nor have they been very interested in implementing it, so it is not expected to arrive in the game soon.
In fact, not even PS5 players will be able to play against PS4 players who have consoles from the same brand. Of course, this is logical due to the gameplay differences between both versions, which would make the implementation of this option even more difficult to developers.
FUT will explode this option.
FUT is currently the most popular game mode in FUT 21 and faces users in online matches with custom teamsmade by each of them.
Players are purchased using coins that can be collected by playing many matches in the game or can also be bought online using real money. A small investment of real money can translate into a significant improvement for your team, so many players prefer to buy FUT Coins to save time.
Enabling crossplay would be a leap forward for FUT and would further broaden the competitive spectrum of this hugely popular game mode that already faces thousands of players daily in its matches and holds major tournaments every year.
For now, we have to wait to enjoy crossplay matches.
Sadly, it doesn't look like EA is going to implement this feature anytime soon as they are focused on introducing new content weekly to UT with the creation of the RTTF, TOTW cards, and many more.
In addition, the company is also focused on resolving the legal disputes that lie ahead due to the controversy of the FUT packs and their relationship with betting and gambling, which are prohibited in countries such as Canada and Australia.

(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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