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Jesus Navas as a Central Back? FUT Freeze makes it possible

time 2020-12-29 00:00

FUT Freeze is a new set of FUT cards that has the peculiarity of granting different positions to the players. Therefore, players like JesúsNavas can go from being a right back to being a central defender, after a slight change in their ratings to permit him to play well in that position.
This is something that has already been done with many players and, in general, the result is not very positive and it takes away that dose of realism from the game by seeing how the players play in a position that they have never played in their lives or would not play for not having the right skills.
In the specific case of Navas, the player has received a reduction in his pace points, going from 87 to 83. However, they have given an improvement to his Physique attribute of +22 points, increasing his jump by 21 points.
With this, the former Manchester City player can play as a central defender despite his short height of 1.72 meters, because now he has more strength and jumping ability to win aerial duels, although he doesn’t become into an infallible ace intercepting the centers of rivals
Navas FUT Freeze card boosted his defense and strength.
The defense ratings of Navashas increased by 5 points, going from 80 to 85, while its strength has increased to 38 points, which gives it much more stability and solidity to contain the attacks of the rivals and face them in individual duels.
However, Navas' main problem is that his body is skinny-like and he is very short, so he will be very fragile in the crash and will easily lose duels against big forwards like Lukaku, Lewandowski, or Haaland.
Another problem with this card is the way to obtain it since you will have to form two teams with OVR of 85 and 83 to unlock it and for this, you will need approximately 100,000 coins.
The best option is to buy FUT 21 Coins online with real money. This way you won't have to spend a lot of time playing to collect the coins and you will get as many as you want very quickly with just a small investment of money.
Taking into account the difficulty to unlock this card and the problem he has with his height and fragility, the Navas card from FUT Freeze does not end up being a very good decision for high-level teams and could only be adapted for those who want to play with a very forward defensive line and need speed on their CBs.
Another way to use him is in defence with three CBs in a 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 formation, for example. Closer to the wing, Navas can be more useful in coverage and does not face the center forward too much. This is probably the best way to use this card, although you also have the option to convert it to CMD in FUT.

(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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