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FUT 21: Title update #8: Game modes

time 2021-01-22 00:00

Let us start with FUT, during online matches, players will see their own equipped ball item instead of their opponent’s. Players will be able to pause matches during Co-Op Squad Battles and these matches will no longer have a pause limit. Along with these changes, the patch has addressed several issues.
FUT Coins from Team Event Objectives will now be added to your total FUT Coins. Unlocked objectives will be displayed correctly. The Co-Op widget will no longer freeze after using the Pricing filter was used during a Transfer Market search. The patch has fixed several UI issues and bugs in the menus. Among the other issues that have been fixed here are some of the most notable. The Competitor mode’s description has been updated and the Trophies displayed in Milestone Objectives are now facing in the correct direction.
Concerning Career mode, there has been one major change, youth players potential quality are now more corresponding to their native region. The following issues have been fixed, players ratings will no longer remain unrealistically high when they reach their 30’s; that bug caused players to retire at their peak. There will be lesser cases where strikers will take a longer time than normal to be retrained as Center Forwards.
In Volta Football, hairstyles should now display correctly and a typo has been updated in the message following items discarding. In Pro Clubs, Virtual Pro’s customized boot colors will now save correctly.
Finally, concerning general audio and video changes, the patch has updated badges, kits, 2D portraits, stadiums, and ad boards. There are 34 new starheads and 29 existing starheads will be activated at a later date. The following issues have been addressed: The Nike Serie A TIM Merlin 2019 Hi Vis ball will now display a shadow in game. Moreover, the inactivity timer will now start in online matches, even if the Origin overlay is active. U7buy offers you FUT coins at the best prices to help you build the FUT.

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