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FUT 21: Title Update #9 – Game Modes

time 2021-02-15 00:00

We have already covered the changes that Title Update #9 made to the gameplay of FUT 21, we will now cover how the patch affects the game modes. We will start with FUT Ultimate Team; the patch did not make any change but addressed various issues. The timer will no longer freeze for players who confirmed their selection on the Kit Select screen in Division Rivals if their opponent is still selecting a kit. Bid status icons will now display correctly when viewing the Search Results as a list on the squad screen of the Transfer Market tab. Text displays issue that affected the UI have also been corrected.
The in-game Game Settings screen will now list the correct ball during friendly matches. Stadium themes that are based on real life teams will now apply correctly on every in-game ad boards. The FUT Playtime FUT Points limit exceeded message will now appear the first time you exceed said limit instead of the second time. Finally, the Live FUT Friendlies UI visuals will display correctly, when you select the tile.
In Career mode, managers will no longer wear their team kits incorrectly during matches and cut scenes. Changing the sorting in the Transfer and Squad hub will now cause the UI to automatically scroll back to the top. The virtual pro will now receive loan and transfer offers as it was intended. The patch has corrected a stability issue that occurred when attempting to sign a player after entering the Transfer Hub through a News story. On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, News headlines will no longer swap the club name’s position with a player name.
In Volta Football, Drop in match lobbies will no longer become stuck in certain situations, preventing them to reach the maximum number of players. The patch has also reduced issues that prevented successful access to matchmake in the mode. Finally, in Pro Clubs, AI teammates will assume the correct position when the captain makes changes to game plans during a Pro Clubs match. U7buy offers you FUT coins at the best prices to help you build the ultimate team.

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