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FUT 21: 5 players who make a difference

time 2021-02-23 00:00

Surely you have your favorite players to add to all the different teams in FUT 21 Ultimate Team, footballers who always perform well, work with your game system and on top of that they score goals.
But in addition to your favorite players, there are many others that are working very well and that you should also give a chance, and this time we have searched for you up to seven players who make a difference in each of the FUT 21 matches.
There are cheap footballers but there are other expensive ones, but what is certain is that regardless of the investment of coins you make, they will work very well for you and they will make a difference on the pitch.
Dembélé. The French footballer of FC Barcelona we want to highlight you because it is a very complete card, you should not only look at his score of 83, but also at his 92 in pace, 86 in dribbling, 77 in shooting and 77 in passing. What's more, he has five stars for skills and a bad leg, and best of all, he is an undervalued card in the market since it can be easily obtained for only 20,000 coins.
Son. One of the players who are going unnoticed, the Tottenham midfielder who already rises a lot in price because he is from the Premier League, but he has impressive parameters. He has a rating of 87, rhythm of 88, 87 dribbling, 86 shooting and 80 passing, which is good for you for a multitude of positions on the pitch. He also has a bad leg of five stars and skills of four, and his price is always below 100,000 coins.
Mendy. He is the best left-back in the game, with his rating of 83, 92 in pace, 82 in physical, 79 in dribbling and 78 in defense, making him ideal for passing, defending, attacking, dribbling defenders and to overflow . He has five stars for bad leg and four for skills, and his price is usually around 100,000 coins.
Gimenez. The Atlético de Madrid center-back, he stands out for his rating of 86, with parameters of 82 in rhythm, 83 in defense and 85 in physical. He has three stars for bad leg and two stars for skills, and a price tag of 150,000 coins.
Rashford. The Manchester United player could not be missing from the list, one of the most used in most of the challenges of creating templates and that continues to have a quite interesting market price for everything it offers, around 220,000 coins. He has rating parameters of 85, pace of 91, shooting of 83, dribbling 85 and 78 in physical, with five stars in skills and four stars in bad leg.
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