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FUT 21: How to always score in the center

time 2021-02-25 00:00

Surely in FUT 21 you already have your default strategy to be able to score many goals, but if you still do not know how to center properly so that practically your players always score a goal, we are going to give you a series of tips because right now scoring center goals is the most profitable.
It is convenient that you bet on good wingers or good attacking midfielders who can go up both on the left and on the right, and who have good parameters in passing.
Although the formation does not matter a bit as long as you have players who can center with precision, it is recommended that you have attacking midfielders both on the left and on the right or two good wingers, and then a ram that has a good arrival and effectiveness in the face. to goal.
Before giving you advice regarding the different centers that we can perform, we must make a previous configuration within the remote settings:
You must select "semi-automatic" or "semi-assisted" in the help centers. In manual we do not advise it because we will have some disadvantage compared to the rest of the players, and the automatic one does not always the CPU know how to choose the best center.
Method 1. Without a doubt, the best counterattack you can do is when you take the ball from behind after having stolen the ball, and then you pass one of your wingers or midfielders from the left to the right who have shot towards the opposite goal. If you leave your own field there will be no offside, if you are in the opposite field you must take into account their position. It is the best way to surprise the rival since all footballers tend to move towards the center. So simply look for one of your attackers who is coming up the wing, who hurries as much space as possible towards the rival area, and who crosses so that one of your rams can practically push the ball to the rival goal.
Method 2. It would not be playing on the backlash, but a normal play where we get one of the two wingers or forwards to get rid of the defender and be able to center the area. In that case we must see if our best player is at the first stick or at the second stick. If he is at the first stick, you must make the center by pressing the R1 button and the square and obviously point the stick towards the race of the player to whom we want to pass the ball. We only have to fill in a bar in the pass.
Method 3. Very similar to the previous one, with the R1 button plus the square button but giving it a power of about three bars. These very strong centers must be hit by one of our battering rams at the first touch and they are practically infallible because neither the rival defense nor the goalkeeper has time to react.
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