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FUT 21: Player Days Campaign

time 2021-03-21 00:00

f you have been a staunch FUT 21 player since FUT 21’s initial release date on October 2020, you’re in luck!

Recently, FUT announced the return of ‘Player Days’, which sees loyal FUT players being rewarded with a free FUT Player Pack!

The more hours (or cumulative days in total) you have logged into your FUT account since October 2020, the better your player card pack becomes.

This is surely an excellent way to celebrate hardcore FUT 21 fans for their continuous support and acknowledgement of the game.

In addition to this cool freebie, current Gold Players Premium Packs and Mega Packs are also discounted by 50% on the FUT marketplace. 

That’s quite the value! The catch is that the offers are only valid for 24 hours (offer may still be on-going depending on your time zone), starting Monday, 8th March 2021.

Still, even if you miss out on those juicy price deals, your free player pack gift will still be waiting for you once you return in-game.

Wonder what gift pack are you eligible for? Here’s a brief summary:

Tier 1 (1-60 days of cumulative login): Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
Tier 2 (61-115 days of cumulative login): Prime Gold Players Pack
Tier 3 (116-137 days of cumulative login): Rare Mega Pack
Tier 4 (138- 141 days of cumulative login): Ultimate Pack

Inside, you will usually get a mix of awesome gold-plated player cards as well as SBC boosts and other miscellaneous items.

But who’s complaining when they are all free, right?

Log into your FUT 21 account now, and see what treasures await you within your very own FUT 21 Player Days gift pack.

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Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account
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