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FUT 21: FUT Player Days

time 2021-03-23 00:00

The company has surprised FUT 21 players with a small event lasting only three days: FUT Player Days. The most remarkable thing is that they give an envelope to each player based on the days that they have logged in since the launch, the best being 125,000 coins.

And, just three days after the launch of the second What IF team, they have not wanted to put new special cards in envelopes and their content is limited, for the moment, to a series of rounds of envelopes at half price when purchased for coins and that initially consisted of envelopes of 35,000 and 25,000 coins.

Also part of this small event is a very attractive SBC, which consists of a double player pick of more than 81 for the cost that one usually has. In any case, it is not repeatable, so it does not involve much content beyond the few seconds it takes to complete.

What will last a little longer is the 'Player Days' group of objectives, which will be available until next Monday and which consists of four very simple objectives, three of which must be done in Squad Battles or Rivals while the fourth is just play two friendly matches. All of them are undemanding and can be combined with swaps or other targets and the reward is a 25,000 coin pack.

In fact, as several dataminers have pointed out, there is no card design added to the code, so they will not release players as part of Player Days beyond possible SBCs with more generic themes such as Player Moments or Flashback - last week a possible Messi Flashback was rumored.

On the other hand, the Ultimate Team anniversary celebration (FUT Birthday) is imminent, but there are still a couple of weeks left - according to the calendar other years it should be March 26 - so The company has room to celebrate a new full event.

FUT 21 can be played on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. And don’t forget you can always buy FUT coins in U7BUY! 

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