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FUT 21: 4:4:1:1 Formation

time 2021-03-29 00:00

Having problems dealing with the troublesome opponent passes through the middle of the pitch?


What about those pesky runners, cruising along the flanks?


One of the main aspects of succeeding in FUT 21 is to understand different strategies and formational line-ups, to counter all of your opponent’s team weaknesses and loopholes.


If you’re looking for a safe formation to start things off in FUT 21, consider the 4-4-1-1 formation.


FORMATION: 4-4-1-1



· Robust player support from within your half of the pitch

· Provides plenty of incentives to play possession football

· Well-guarded against long balls from both flanks, as well as in the middle of the pitch

· Offers fluid interchangeable position switches

· Frustrates the opposition player into making mistakes



· Attacks are mostly slowly built from possession play (not counter-attacks)

· Harder to achieve wins quickly, if you are chasing the game

· Forwards can occasionally be left stranded, with few players to link up with at the front

· Long balls up front may only work against certain team, but not every time


Now, let’s take a closer look at how each player roles will be play out:




+ Safe from most one-on-one situations.

+ Centre-backs are almost always available to support



- Will need to prepare for constant long shots coming from outside of the box

- Set pieces can sometimes be messy, with too many players cramped together




+ Centre-backs are mostly well-supported by other nearby teammates

+ Full-backs can provide constant runs on the flanks, with other players capable of covering their spaces



- Forwards can run through the defensive channels via through balls from the middle, if provided the space between the defenders

- The tendency for full-backs to make forward runs are dictated based on the tempo of the team, so they are usually sat back at the defence




+ Plethora of options to play passes, no matter your playstyle (wing play, central passes, etc.)

+ Provides opportunities to test fluid, interchangeable position runs

+ Key passers become the highlight of this formation, as their killer balls from the midfield determines the outcome of the match

+ Mostly close to the backline to support defence



- Attacks are usually slowed down at the middle of the pitch, with not enough players running behind the opposition defence during counter-attacks

- Leave the forwards stranded and surrounded, if you choose to play long balls up front




+ Hold up plays more often, letting the team line move forward together

+ Physical strikers shine in this formation, with their physicality proving a boon for early crosses and long balls up front

+ The Second Striker is provided with plenty of space to play the ball, with the main striker determining how far up/ down the opposition defensive line should be



- Long balls are usually lost easily, due to insufficient players on the frontlines

- Can be restricted to long shots from outside the box, due to shortage of player runs and link-up plays at the front


There are countless ways for you to win a competitive match in FUT 21, besides formational advantages and strategic individual plays.


Sometimes, your very own players can become the decisive factors which make or break your team.


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