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FUT 21 – What's New In Update 13

time 2021-04-14 00:00

FUT 21 Update 13 comes with fixes for Career, Volta, Pro Clubs, Online, and Ultimate Team. It also includes some general updates. Various items such as kits, equipment, badges, and broadcast packages have received some updates. The equipment refers to balls and boots.


Career And Volta Mode Fixes In Update 13


We have three fixes for career mode. Substitute players that become active in the game will not lose stamina anymore. This was a problematic bug as the new footballers weren't able to correctly perform some of the actions because of the stamina loss. Another bug prevented the qualification for the Asian Continental Cup from functioning properly. Update 13 takes care of it. The third fix refers to a user interface issue. When players changed the sorting for the transfer and squad hub, an issue prevented the interface from scrolling back up automatically. Volta mode received some attention as well. The user interface elements that showed the chemistry for Avatars were not working as intended. This happened in squad management. The right value was not displayed. However, this was just a visual issue as the correct value was calculated but erroneously displayed. The other Volta mode fix takes care of a stability issue. This occurred when players were looking at the skill tree.


Updates For FUT Online And Pro Clubs


In FUT Online, players could not correctly use the Soccer Aid team. This happened in Online Seasons. This issue will not trouble players after Update 13 is applied. The Pro Clubs fix addresses the bug regarding AI players. Their behavior was wrongly altered after the captain changed the game plans in a match in this mode. Update 13 notes include famous footballer David Beckham too. More commentary lines for him have been added to the game. The balls that showed placeholder text will now have the correct image and text. This issue occurred in the match tab of the game settings section. The better part of Update 13 addresses Ultimate Team mode. It contains many fixes for visual and user interface issues that didn't display the correct information. FUT 21 updates automatically as long as your Internet connection is active. Just let the game do the work and you'll enjoy a better experience once the update has been applied.

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