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FUT 21: William Calvalho’s ‘Team of the Season’ Objectives

time 2021-05-19 00:00

Real Betis are a side on the rise.


The team in white-and-green stripes has always been deemed a mid-table club, with which Real Sociedad, Villarreal and Valencia being the other group of clubs among them.


However, the club had invested fairly well during the last few seasons, culminating in the recruitment of impressive players like Nabil Fekir, Martin Montoya and Marc Bartra now within the club’s dressing room.


One particular player of note today – joining over from Sporting Lisbon in 2018 – is none other than Portuguese international player, William Carvalho!


With the ongoing Team of the Season (TOTS) promo being very well received by FUT 21 fans across multiple platforms, Carvalho was also given the nod with an upgraded ‘Team of the Season’ Player Card on tow!


Showcasing an insane 89-Rated player card for a central defensive midfielder, his stats have been increased substantially as seen below:


· Physical: 90 (+5)

· Shooting: 90 (+33)

· Defence: 89 (+14)

· Passing: 85 (+9)

· Pace: 84 (+41)

· Dribbling: 84 (+14)


With such an otherworldly increase to both his in-game Shooting and Pace stats, it will be no surprise to him in FUT 21 a lot more frequently now.


How can you recruit him into your current FUT 21 squad?


You will need to complete four (4) Squad Objectives as explained below:


· BREAKING THROUGH (Reward: Gold Pack)

Assist ten (10) goals with Through Balls in Squad Battles on Professional difficulty and above (or Rivals).


· ANCHOR ASSISTS (Reward: 75+ Rated Rare Player Pack)

Assist with a CDM in three (3) separate Squad Battles on World Class difficulty and above (or Rivals).


· SCORING SUCCESS (Reward: Premium Gold Pack)

Score using La Liga players in six (6) separate Squad Battles Wins on World Class difficulty and above (or Rivals).


· PORTUGUESE PROWESS (Reward: Electrum Players Pack)

Score using Portuguese players in ten (10) separate Squad Battles on Professional difficulty and above (or Rivals).


These will expire on the 14th May 2021, so you should definitely start logging into your FUT 21 account now before the opportunity passes forever.


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