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FUT 21 – Napoli’s ‘Team of the Season’ Lozano

time 2021-05-29 11:30

Currently sitting in fourth (4th) place in the Italian Serie A league table, Napoli’s Champions League qualification fight will definitely go down to the wire as only three (3) spots are left for the competing four (4) teams (Atalanta, AC Milan, Napoli, Juventus).


Still, many of Napoli’s impressive players have definitely stepped up their game this season, with a few of them being chosen for FUT 21’s Serie A Team of the Season (TOTS).


Among those incredible on-form players is 25-year old Mexican footballer, Hirving Lozano, who has managed to register as many as eleven (11) goals and three (3) assists for his team so far, keeping them firmly in the hunt for European qualification next season.


To celebrate Lozano’s superb performances this season, FUT 21 is now introducing a TOTS Player Card upgrade for the talented Mexican, boasting a massive 92-Rating.


A general breakdown of his latest player card can be seen below (against his base 80-Rated Player Card):


· Pace: 99 (+6)

· Dribbling: 94 (+13)

· Shooting: 93 (+18)

· Passing: 90 (+19)

· Physical: 84 (+20)

· Defence: 53 (+12)


If you’re looking for a pacey wide midfielder to exploit opposition flanks in FUT 21, here’s how you can recruit Lozano in the game via Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs):


· SERIE A (Reward: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack)

Minimum number of players from Serie A: 1

Minimum number of In-Form (IF) / Team of the Season (TOTS) ‘Moments’ Players: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 84

Minimum Team Chemistry: 75

Minimum number of players in the Squad: 11


· TOP FORM (Reward: Rare Mixed Players Pack)

Minimum number of In-Form (IF) / Team of the Season (TOTS) ‘Moments’ Players:  1

Minimum Squad Rating: 86

Minimum Team Chemistry: 70

Minimum number of players in the Squad: 11


This opportunity will only last until 28th May 2021 (Friday), so you will need to complete these objectives before then.


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