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FUT 21 – Robin Gosens ‘Summer Stars’ Boost

time 2021-07-13 00:00

Germany was touted to reach at least the Semi-Finals of EURO 2020 this year.


Still, fate was not on their side as the Germans lost 2-0 against an inspired England side, late June.


Although fans may have been disappointed to see the international team pack their bags a little early this time around, FUT 21 players may find comfort knowing that a new player card upgrade has just been introduced into the game!


The lucky player to receive a massive boost in FUT 21 is none other than Germany’s talented left midfielder, Robin Gosens!


The 27-year old pacey attacker has been lighting up the Serie A with Atalanta last season, and has managed to transfer his league form into the international scenes too.


His new and improved player card can be summarized below:


Robin Gosens’ Festival of FUTball ‘Summer Stars’ Player Card: OVR 93


· Physical: 94 (14)

· Passing: 93 (+15)

· Pace: 91 (+8)

· Dribbling: 90 (+13)

· Shooting: 85 (+11)

· Defending: 85 (+8)


Gosens is an established player on the left flanks, with his extraordinary strength complimenting his impressive pace too, making him both strong and fast on the pitch.


In order to recruit him into your FUT 21 team, you will need to complete four (4) Squad Objectives first:


· ROBIN ROCKET (Reward: Gold Pack)

Score four (4) Outside of the Box goals in Squad Battles on Professional Difficulty or higher (or Rivals).


· CLASSY CROSSER (Reward: 75+ Rated Rare Player Pack)

Assist with Crosses in three (3) separate Squad Battles on Professional Difficulty or higher (or Rivals).


· GERMAN GOALS (Reward: Premium Gold Pack)

Score using German players in seven (7) separate Squad Battle Wins on World Class difficulty or higher (or Rivals).


· SERIE A SHARPNESS (Reward: Electrum Players Pack)

Score using Serie A players in ten (10) separate Squad Battles on Professional Difficulty or higher (or Rivals).


These Squad Objectives should be completed by 9th July 2021 (Friday) before they expire indefinitely later on.


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