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FUT 21 Angel Correa’s Player Card Upgrade

time 2021-07-17 00:00

Argentina has always been one of the most feared countries in world football.


Following this year’s Copa America competition, it would seem that the Argentines deserve all the respect and honour as they are now in the Final against another supreme opposition, Brazil.


In FUT 21, following the current Festival of FUTball (FOF) promo, a new player card has just been introduced to commemorate one of Argentina’s best players on the pitch.


Meet Atletico Madrid’s new and improved forward, Angel Correa!


His latest player card upgrade boasts outstanding stats like these:


Angel Correa’s FOF ‘Showdown’ Player Card: OVR 94


· Dribbling: 97 (+11)

· Pace: 95 (+11)

· Shooting: 93 (+13)

· Passing: 92 (+17)

· Physical: 87 (+17)

· Defending: 62 (+8)


If you are looking for a player to rival your opponent’s Neymar on the field, Correa can definitely fill in those shoes perfectly.


In order to recruit him, you will need to complete two (2) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) as referred below:


· ATLETICO MADRID (Reward: Small Prime Gold Players Pack)

Minimum number of Players from Atletico Madrid: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 83

Minimum Team Chemistry: 75

Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


· NATIONAL DUTY (Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack)

Minimum number of Players from Argentina: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 86

Minimum Team Chemistry: 50

Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


You will need to be quick about it though, as these SBCs expire on 10th July 2021 (Saturday).


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