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FUT 21 Easy ‘Summer Stars’ Team 1 Player Card

time 2021-07-19 00:00

FUT 21’s latest season promo, Festival of FUTball (FOF), has been celebrating both the Copa America and EURO 2020 tournaments with aplomb.


Plenty of exciting player cards have just been released throughout the period, with numerous player card upgrades boosting in-game stats for selected impressive players of both competitions.


After the release of FUT 21’s latest ‘Summer Stars’ Team 1 line-up, it would seem that the chances of getting at least one of these incredible player cards would certainly be extremely slim.


However, if you’re looking for a much easier way to recruit a 99-Rated Cristiano Ronaldo player card in the game, this Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) is definitely the best way for you to redeem one random ‘Summer Stars’ Team 1 player card right now!


The SBC in question is as follows:



Minimum Squad Rating: 86

Minimum Team Chemistry: 30

Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


The best players that you have a chance of redeeming in ‘Summer Stars’ Team 1 include:


· 99-Rated Cristiano Ronaldo

· 99-Rated Lionel Messi

· 98-Rated Kevin De Bruyne

· 97-Rated Luka Modric

· 95-Rated Aymeric Laporte

· Many others!


Don’t’ waste time contemplating on the opportunity though, as the SBC is set to expire on 17th July 2021 (Saturday).


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