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What's New With The FUT 22 Gameplay

time 2021-09-10 00:00

Have you heard that U7buy sells FUT 22 coins at fantastic prices? Check it out now! FUT 22 is just around the corner. With only a few weeks left before the release, players are excited about the new game. They have all reasons to be because this year's EA SPORTS FUT features new gameplay features. The FUT 22 coins prices from FUTeamgo are another thing to be excited about. Let's see what this year brings in terms of gameplay innovation.

What Are the FUT 22 New Gameplay Features

Hypermotion is the most-advertised FUT 22 new gameplay feature. This is a new technology that greatly enhances the players' experience on the field. Too bad that it's only implemented in the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Stadia version of the game. The developers used motion capture from more than 22 professional footballers. This was possible thanks to the Xsens suit. Other new gameplay features include updated goalkeepers, true ball physics, explosive sprint, and new offensive tactics. The goalkeeper update comes with a refurbished goalkeeper system. The goalkeepers will act better and will have increased chances of stopping the ball. This is a smart system that allows goalkeepers to compute more decisions and to use better moves to prevent the ball from reaching the net. The positioning personality is based on the play style of some of the world's best goalkeepers. You will see goalkeepers in the game doing moves and using techniques that are similar to the style of real footballers. The new system improves the goalkeepers' reflexes allowing them to move faster. FUT 22 is a realistic football simulation that uses real-world data. Making the in-game ball move just like a real one is a constant challenge for the developers. Ball physics and motion are important elements in this game. Thanks to the new system, the FUT 22 ball has achieved unprecedented realism. Some of the attributes were remade to make the in-game ball motion just as genuine as the one on the field. The developers had to consider parameters such as quickness, air resistance, ground and rolling friction, and swerve. Players will notice that the ball moves more naturally when footballers do shots, passes, volleys, and dribbles. Explosive sprint is a new feature that gives players more control over acceleration when they dribble or defend. Players have more attacking tactics at their disposal. You can make adjustments for each half of the game.

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