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FUT 21 – ‘Friendly Fun’ Season Objectives

time 2021-09-12 00:00

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In FUT 21, another Season Objective has just been revealed which rewards you with awesome packs for both FUT 21 and FUT 22 as well!

Although FUT 22 is now fast approaching, FUT 21 still has plenty of content in store for you to participate in throughout the next few weeks.


What’s more, you can even unlock FUT 22 freebies right now by completing these special FUT 21 challenges within the game!


This week, a new Season Objective has just been added which rewards you with both FUT 21 and FUT 22 unlockables.


Here’s a look at three (3) Squad Objectives that are currently available for you to redeem awesome new player packs:


FRIENDLY FUN (Reward: Rare Players Pack, FUT 22’s Loan Pack)


· BEST IN SHOW (Reward: Two Rare Gold Players Pack)

o Play six (6) matches in Live FUT Friendly: Bring Your Best


· FINE FINISH (Reward: Two Rare Gold Players Pack)

Score ten (10) Finesse goals in Live FUT Friendly: Bring Your Best


· PASSING PLAY (Reward: Two Rare Gold Players Pack)

Assist ten (10) goals using Through Balls in Live FUT Friendly: Bring Your Best


Not only will you get a lot of player packs to use in FUT 21, you will even be able to test out some incredible player cards in FUT 22 as well!


You will need to complete these Squad Objectives before 10th September 2021 (Friday), so make sure to get your hands busy by then.


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