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FUT 22 - Wirtz is Bundesliga's September Player of the Month!

time 2021-10-26 00:00

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FUT 22’s latest Bundesliga Player of the Month (POTM) award for the month of September is now here, with the award going to talented teenager, Florian Wirtz!




Player of the Month (POTM) Player Cards are always something to be excited about, and this is certainly the case for FUT 22’s Bundesliga September POTM award!


In FUT 22, the deserved player to have received the honour is none other than Bayern Leverkusen’s spectacular teenage talent, Florian Wirtz!


The 18-year old German attacking midfielder is slowly reaching the mould of a developing Thomas Muller, and great things are expected to come from the young player.


Wirtz’s player card boasts improved stats such as:


(CAM) Florian Wirtz’s ‘Player of the Month’ Player Card: POTM 86


· Dribbling: 89 (+6)

· Passing: 85 (+9)

· Shooting: 82 (+14)

· Pace: 81 (+9)

· Physicality: 70 (+11)

· Defending: 59 (+8)


Wirtz possesses insane Dribbling capabilities, while his eye for key passes and long-shot chances are key developing traits as well.


There are only two (2) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) that you will need to complete in order to recruit Wirtz into your Ultimate Team (UT) line-up today:


· BUNDESLIGA (Reward: Gold Pack)

Minimum number of Players from Bundesliga: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 84

Minimum Team Chemistry: 75

Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


· GERMANY (Reward: Jumbo Gold Pack)

Minimum number of Players from Germany: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 85

Minimum Team Chemistry: 70

Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


Make sure to complete these SBCs before they expire on 13th November 2021 (Saturday).


With such long time to spare, you should definitely have no problem getting Wirtz into your UT roster soon!


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