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FUT 22 - Kostic's Rewarding 'Road to the Knockouts' Player Card

time 2021-10-30 00:00

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With Eintrach Frankfurt currently sitting top of Group D in Europa League, it is safe to say that their chances of reaching the Knockout Stages is higher than ever as FUT 22 announces a brand new player card for their superstar midfielder, Filip Kostic!




Eintracht Frankfurt may be struggling in the Bundesliga at the moment, but their performance in the Europa League is the direct opposite of how they are doing domestically.


With the team now sitting top of the pile in Group D, FUT 22 has just released a new ‘Road to the Knockouts’ Player Card for one of their star players on the team – Serbian international, Filip Kostic!


Kostic is truly dedicated player on the field, and his improved attributes as shown below are duly justified:


(LM) FIilip Kostic’s ‘Road to the Knockouts’ Player Card: RTTK 86


· Pace: 90 (+2)

· Dribbling: 86 (+3)

· Passing: 85 (+3)

· Physicality: 82 (+2)

· Shooting: 80 (+3)

· Defending: 70 (+3)


Kostic is just unstoppable on the ball, capable of skilfully manoeuvring between defenders before leaving them behind his trails.


In order to recruit him into your Ultimate Team (UT) today, you will need to complete two (2) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) though:


· TOP FORM (Reward: Small Prime Mixed Players Pack)

Minimum number of In-Form (IF) Players: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 82

Minimum Team Chemistry: 80

Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


· BUNDESLIGA (Reward: Mixed Players Pack)

Minimum number of Players from the Bundesliga: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 83

Minimum Team Chemistry: 75

Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


 You will need to complete all these SBCs before they expire on 2nd November 2021 (Tuesday), so make sure to do so promptly soon!


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