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FUT 22 Title Update 3.1

time 2021-12-29 00:00

On 8 December, less than a month after Title Update 3, the release of Title Update 3.1 was announced and made available two days later. The update was initially only released on PC and Google Stadia. Therefore, you should be prepared for new content with FUT 22 Coins from U7buy.


The update has been introduced to provide the game with Prime Icons, which will be available after a server upgrade, which will take place in the near future. EA hasn't specified an exact timeline yet, but it's likely we'll see the addition of Prime Icons in the next update, which could be either 3.2 or 4.


As always, EA continues to take feedback from the community into account, looking to improve the game and reduce bugs reported by players. In fact, since last year, players are also supported by a new tool, the EA Sports FUT Tracker, which allows users to know in real time what malfunctions are found by players and confirmed by the developers. The tracker is generally updated weekly - or more frequently if major bugs are found - and is the main tool that developers use to meet the needs of the community.


The tracker is available at this link. In addition to receiving an overview of all bugs brought to the attention of EA's developers, you will also be able to stay up-to-date on the status of their resolution. Of course, you won't have to download a new update every time a bug is identified and fixed. These are often minor glitches.

As you can see, by relying on EA Sports quality, your reserves of FUT 22 Coins for Xbox One and all other platforms will never go to waste, thanks to a team of developers always at your disposal 7 days a week.


If you encounter any kind of bugs that you would like to report - or simply keep up to date with the flags of other community members - create an account on the dedicated Trello page. The bugs are divided into categories, according to the different consoles. The page also includes all the updates released by EA Sports on their social media and a section dedicated to useful links, through which you can stay in communication with other players in the community. 

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