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FUT 22 – Christian Gunter’s New ‘Winter Wildcards’ Edition

time 2022-01-10 11:01

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If you’re looking to unlock a pretty decent Ultimate Team (UT) player card right now, the ‘Winter Wildcards’ promo offers a few free ones that you can already redeem for a few Winter Wildcards Tokens only, with one (1) of them being  of SC Freiburg’s dependable fullback, Christian Gunter!

The current ‘Winter Wildcards’ promo is nearing its end very soon, but that should not dissuade you from using the given time left to collect more Winter Wildcards Tokens in order to unlock a specific player card today – SC Freiburg’s national hero, Christian Gunter!


Known for his incredible speed on the field, Gunter’s latest player card upgrade makes him even deadlier while running with the ball from the flanks, capable of delivering accurate crosses to teammates too.


Gunter’s newest boosts can be seen here:


(LB) Christian Gunter’s ‘Winter Wildcards’ Player Card: OVR 86


· Pace: 90 (+7)

· Physicality: 87 (+6)

· Dribbling: 85 (+15)

· Defending: 81 (+7)

· Passing: 78 (+8)

· Shooting: 60 (+5)


Gunter has always been considered to be amongst German’s best fullbacks throughout the years, but recent injuries and career trajectory may have hampered his development quite a bit.


There is only one (1) Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) that you will need to complete for his ‘Winter Wildcards’ Player Card right now:



o Number of Winter Wildcards Tokens required: 8


Christian Gunter’s SBC will only be available for you to redeem until 13th January 2022 (Thursday), so do your best to recruit him into your very own squad, pronto!


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