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FUT 22 – Red-Hot Vlahovic is Serie A’s ‘Player of the Month’!

time 2022-01-18 10:38

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Following a few ‘Player of the Month’ (POTM) Player Cards that had been introduced into FUT 22, another one will now be released as well, this time to commemorate Serie A’s latest POTM for December 2021 in the form of powerful Serbian wonderkid, Dusan Vlahovic!




Fiorentina’s fortunes in the Serie A of late has been tightly roped with the performances of wonderful young Serbian striker, Dusan Vlahovic, and rightfully so!


The 21-year old forward has been tremendously influential in scoring for the Italian side throughout almost every math to date, and his December ‘Player of the Month’ (POTM) award is testament of that.


In FUT 22, Vlahovic will also be receiving his very own POTM Player Card as well, showcasing improved stats as can be seen below:


(ST) Dusan Vlahovic’s ‘Player of the Month’ Player Card: OVR 87


· Shooting: 89 (+11)

· Pace: 86 (+11)

· Physicality: 86 (+10)

· Dribbling: 85 (+12)

· Passing: 70 (+12)

· Defending: 35 (+7)


Vlahovic still has a long way to go in terms of development and growth, but if he continues to keep this up, he could definitely go a long way to even rival another elite talent in the guise of Erling Haaland from the Bundesliga too!


If you’re extremely interested in recruiting Vlahovic into your very own Ultimate Team (UT) roster today, there is only One (1) Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) that you will need to accomplish right away.



o Minimum number of Players from Serie A: 1

o Minimum number of In-Form (IF) Players: 1

o Minimum Squad Rating: 83

o Minimum Team Chemistry: 70

o Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


This relatively super simple SBC is due to expire by 7th February 2022 (Monday) so you can take things slow if you are short on FUT Coins to complete it at the moment.


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