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FUT 22 - Amazing Edwin van de Sar's 'Icon Moments' UT Card

time 2022-05-06 09:22

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Following the current Icon Swaps III promo, it is about time that an elite player card is introduced for a goalkeeper instead, with the latest ‘Icon Moments’ Player Card now added for ex-Manchester United shot-stopper, Edwin van der Sar!

Edwin van der Sar was an astonishing goalkeeper who was Netherlands’ prized talent during his prime.

Additionally, Van der Sar was also a superb goalkeeper for Manchester United and Ajax too, winning the English Premier League and the Eredivisie four (4) times each!

With the current Icon Swaps III promo now running rampant, it is the ideal opportunity for FUT 22 to release a brand new ‘Icon Moment’ Player Card for the former UEFA Goalkeeper of the Year, featuring many boosts from his initial ‘Base Icon’ Player Card as seen here:

(GK) Edwin van der Sar’s ‘Icon Moments’ Player Card: OVR 92

Positioning: 96 (+10)
Handling: 93 (+10)
Reflexes: 91 (+3)
Diving: 88 (+2)
Kicking: 83 (-1)
Speed: 42 (-7)

Van der Sar was amongst the best goalkeepers the world had ever seen, evident by his astute positional reads, astounding reflexes and ability to catch powerful shots with ease.

There is only one (1) Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) that you will need to accomplish in order to acquire Van der Sar’s card in UT today, totalling five (5) Icon Swaps III Tokens only:

oNumber of Icon Swaps III Tokens to be exchanged: 5

Van der Sar’s SBC is set to expire around 19th June 2022 (Sunday) so you will have more than enough time to unlock his incredible player card in FUT 22.

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