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FUT 22 - Richarlison's 'Flashback’ Player Card on the Loose!

time 2022-07-04 10:10

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The current transfer market is buzzing with headlines about Richarlison being courted by other top clubs in the English Premier League, but for now in FUT 22, the Brazilian forward’s previous FUT 20 ‘Shapeshifters’ version is set to return as a ‘Flashback’ Player Card in the game, boasting a jaw-dropping 94 Rating!

Everton survived an apocalyptic scare throughout the end of last season, avoiding relegation by a mere 4-point gap. The Toffees survival is largely attributed to the steadfast mentality of the clubs’ players, especially of 25-year old forward, Richarlison’s dedication to the cause.

Known for his controversial antics on the pitch, Richarlison’s talents are undeniable, to say the least. The Brazilian international is fast, skilful, and has the smarts to beat opposition defences by positioning himself effortlessly before scoring goals.

In FUT 22, a ‘Flashback’ Player Card has just been unveiled for the attacker, marking a return for Richarlison’s FUT 20 ‘Shapeshifters’ Player Card from a few years ago. His previous player card changes his current striker position into one which favours his playing style more – the central attacking midfield role.

Right now, this is how Richarlison’s latest – or previous – player card looks like in-game:

(CAM) Richarlison’s ‘Flashback’ Player Card: OVR 94

Pace: 97 (+14)
Dribbling: 96 (+13)
Shooting: 92 (+14)
Physicality: 90 (+10)
Passing: 88 (+15)
Defending: 65 (+12)

Most of Richarlison’s offensive attributes are above the 90s, with his passing abilities being immaculate as well!

For such a great player card, there are four (4) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) that you will need to accomplish this time around (11 Players in each Squad):

BRAZIL (Reward: Premium Mixed Players Pack)
oMinimum number of Players from Brazil: 1
oMinimum number of In-Form (IF) / ‘Team of the Season’ (TOTS) Players: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 84
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 70

PREMIER LEAGUE (Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack)
oMinimum number of Players from English Premier League: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 85
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 65

TOP FORM (Reward: Rare Electrum Players Pack)
oMinimum number of In-Form (IF) / ‘Team of the Season’ (TOTS) Players: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 86
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 60

87-RATED SQUAD (Reward: Rare Players Pack)
oMinimum Squad Rating: 87
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 45

If you’re extremely interested in Richarlison’s player card today, make sure to redeem it before 7th July 2022 (Thursday).

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