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FUT 23 – Rumors, Leaks, And Speculations

time 2022-07-27 10:48

U7Buy provides players with the opportunity to safely buy cheap FUT 23 coins! It's that time of the year when the community starts talking about the new FUT 23. The current game, FUT 22, is nearing the end of its life cycle. We cannot wait to see what the developers have in store for us in the new season. Rumors, leaks, and speculations are already going around. Only time will tell which ones are true. We can tell you one thing that's definitely not a hearsay. U7Buy will have your back with amazing FUT 23 coins prices and offers!

What's the Word on the Street About FUT 23
One thing we know for sure is that FUT 23 will come out this year. When the game officials announced the name change a few months earlier they said that this year's iteration will be the last one bearing the traditional denomination. We expect FUT 23 to come out in late September or October. Closed beta sessions allow the community to test the game before it's released. Based on info from the last few years, we think that the closed beta for FUT 23 should arrive in late August. The beta codes will probably come in batches. All players are eligible testers. Just don't forget to accept the emails. You can check the Email Preferences option in your game account settings. The Ambassadors program selects several footballers and famous people with an interest in the game. They promote the game. They also get special FUT 23 cards. We believe that the next Ambassadors will be Kylian Mbappe, David Alaba, Heung-min Son, Alphonse Davies, Vinicius Jr, Eduardo Camavinga, and Trent Alexander-Arnold. Rumor has that Mbappe will be once again the cover athlete. We have a leak surrounding the gameplay. According to a social media post, FUT 23 will do away with the chemistry mechanic as we know it. Players from all teams and nations can be in the same squad without consequences. A star rating will replace chemistry. This is certainly interesting. The removal of this mechanic will have serious implications. It makes squad-building more versatile and creative. We wonder what will happen with cards that make heavy use of the chemistry system, such as Heroes and Icons. FUT 23 will mostly be available in two editions: standard and ultimate. The price might go up. The Nintendo Switch version will be the FUT 19-based legacy edition with an updated roster and kits.

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