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Team Practices in NHL 16

time 2015-09-14 06:41

As we all know that nhl 16 will be available at 15th, September, which is nearly for all the players, and more nhl 16 coins is all the players needed. Today we will introduce you a new feature, which is the practice mode, and it is useful for you to improve your skill ability and have more chance to get the coins.

Practice mode now includes team practices. Players can have up to five players on both offense and defense in three different scenarios from "rush" to "in-zone" plays. There is also the option to play as the goalie in practices, so you can hone your skills before starting your goalie career or taking on online competition.

If you want to get more new good results in the game, you should be in the practice mode more time, the more practice you do, the better results you will get, do it now!

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