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FUT 16 Basic Controls & Gameplay Scenes

time 2015-11-09 19:27

With the basic controls first, after that we will carry on with gameplay scenes. First of all you can name with the left stick, the left stick should always show in two directions are you want to finish it. An normal shot can be done with just pressing the shooting button. Generally you can define the park the shot with the duration you are holding this button.

The lawyer holding it the more polar foot the shot will be. There you can do finesse shot with holding RB pressing to shooting button. RB are one on the PlayStation is chip can be done with holding ever be one pressing shooting button RB, and one on the PlayStation. Furthermore, you can perform some trick shots with holding eighty representingthe shooting, but eighty Run on the PlayStation. So this was a different controls. To have a good control with the game, you will get more fut 16 coins.

Let's have a look at some gameplay scenes, there are a few specific situations for every finishing type which I will show you now. First of all, the normal shot, it's a powerful shot which is perfect to score goals. It doesn't have much curve, it's more or less based on power. I'm using it in ninety percent of all situations because it's very effective, especially in the penalty box off from close range. This type of shot is very good, it's also the title shot you should use on long shots because it's very powerful as I just told you.

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