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AI in Professional and World Class

time 2015-11-30 12:00

I spend most of my 10 hours in career mode and started at world class, like I played in 15, but it was nearly impossible for me to create chances. The AI on the other hand always had some mad  going while on attack and some fine Chain defense when defending, and I'm only playing in the Bundesliga2. After some (a lot actually) frustrating matches I decided to switch back to professional, but professional is just so bad. The AI pretty much surrenders at the tiniest bit of pressure and often just hands the ball over, I win every game. It's like pure frustration on world class and Sunday league opponents on professional...

The huge gap is mostly in the way that in Professional. I seem to have much more shots than the AI, eventually getting to dominate the game very easily, to the point it gets boring, the defense seems to be lousy and I can easily dribble past 3-4 players and have a clean chance very often, and the AI doesn't even shoot back, they miss easy passes and concede lots of pens too.Now on to World Class, the difference is ABSURD, it feels they know which direction I'll cut into, they seem to NEVER miss tackles, and I find it very hard to take the ball back from them, because they always pass quickly, always find spaces in my defense, and counterattacking is nearly impossible without 90+ pace players (Neymar, Gervinho, Sallah, etc,you can get them with enough FUT 16 coins), it's beyond frustrating.

I play mostly career mode and on professional setting I'm always the top scorer and assistant, but in World Class I can hardly reach my targets (my player is 87 rated). Is anybody feeling this way too? Can I mess with the sliders to nerf the CPU a bit? Thanks, and don't be a dick.Its been said here a lot and after trying it out I have to agree, prior to the game change the difficulty to legendary. I wouldn’t say its easier, but I find it less frustrating. The difference seems to be the AI is more aggressive offensively so you may concede more, but it also opens up chances for you to score as well, which is nearly impossible on world class.

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