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The Silver and Bronze Teams in FUT 16

time 2015-12-11 09:50

Do you have the same experience, to find two silver or two bronze teams just be a thing of the past. Even you nearly didn’t get some rewarding, even there is no small reward for reaching any round past the first in any tournament. Are they really good as silver and bronze teams in FUT 16 ultimate team.

Even it seams that seasons dominates and gold teams obviously dominate in seasons, and it’s a way for almost the entire season. Using a silver and bronze team in online season can make your players at a great disadvantage, and it makes the game less fun.

In fact, there are hundreds of players in FUT 16 ultimate team, most of them can’t be found and used. At this time,silver and bronze team can be useful and make far more sense. You will have a more realistic setup in general as silver and bronze and only be matched with silvers. In addition its possible more would do this than would use gold. I find it hard to believe that fans would not want to build and play with the lower league team they support if they had a sporting chance to win.

In my opinion, for silver and bronze teams, they are great or not too good,all based on yourself. If you prefer playing with the lower level teams as the players are less well known, just do it. After all, it is cheap to get best, you needn’t pay for too many FUT coins. Of course, if you think use silver and bronze teams is interesting, don’t consider more. Good luck.

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