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How to Create 100k Squad in FUT 16?(I)

time 2015-12-18 15:16

Welcome to a new tutorial in FUT 16 Ultimate team squad builder, today we have the best 100K squad.

As you know that we have a 442 with two CDMs formation which I found to be fantastic this year. You can do lots of triangles with passes, thus it will be very easy to hold possession of the ball, and there is more chance for you to score a goal and the fut 16 coins and fut 16 points will be got as rewards. Also with the right line up you can have one of the best and most balanced teams in FUT  16 ultimate team. A very important aspect of this formation is the player instructions, and you will have to select stay back while attacking for both CDMs and get in behind for both lateral midfielders.

Jumping into a line up we've got in goal Petr Cech, a top-five goalkeeper this year, a centre backs Koscielny may be the best center back in the game, together with Koulibaly a force of nature. Our two fullbacks are Holebas who is very strong with good pace and Bruno Peres is true speed player, degrees and pretty good physical attributes for another fullback. That to CDMs are the engine of this team, Ramires and Allen both have incredible stamina and can easily run for 90 minutes.Ramires being also extremely fast, 88 pace.

As a left and right mader, we've got two skillers and two speeder, actually we have all in one, they have both the speed and the five-star skills. Bolasie and Cuadrado are fantastic dribblers which will be able to get pass the defenders with ease and early crossing, or just cut inside dribble through all defenders and scoredamazing goals.  All of these players can help you a lot in fut 16 playing, and it will spent you less for buying.

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