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Best Winger in FUT 16 (III)

time 2016-02-06 13:31

Before we get into our top five, we've got some players that barely missed on the top.You know it's also both personal preference but these guys any of these guys can jump into your top five.

We've got the Walcott, Williams, Carrillo and Quaresma. Williams is a silver,  he's strong, he's fast he has four stars skill moves. He is one of the most powered winners in the game.

Next we got Carrillo with the five stars skill moves and you all know I'm in love with players that can do a favor and can scuptor. That's very very important on the wing. Quaresma, another five-star skiller a little missed the top five and the last we've mentioned we've got Locas and willian, they have the good skill moves. To be honest, Locas can join into the top five if he is btter at the finishing. If his finishing is really good, he can join in the top five absolutely we whink.

Best wingers can help you to expand the space, and let other players to score a goal or they can score a goal themselves, that would be great for them to win the game to get fut 16 coins or fut 16 points account.

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