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How to Get More Coins in FUT 16?

time 2016-02-29 17:39

Every year EA appears a new football simulation, FUT 16 on September 24, comes on the market. With the development of the series Gamers increasingly in the game the FUT 16 coins are very important. With coins you can buy better football players and create their dream team. But how can you get 16 more coins in FUT? In this article we give you some tips.

In fact, you have the beginning of the game for 500 coins and a few packs. In any game mode, you can earn coins by playing games, the better you play, the more coins you earn. Do you have enough self-confidence, the heavy mode waiting for you, of course, more coins are to earn.

Packs also help with coins. There are players in packs, if you have a player that you do not want, you can put the player on the transfer list, the player is sold and you get coins. The better the player is, the more coins you get.

There also has an easy way for you to get fut 16 coins, which only needs you to come to our website to buy, we are the cheapest price and the best service you also can get from us. This is the most easy and convenient way for you to get the coins for fut 16 playing.

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