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Tree of Savior Guide for Upgrading Equipment

time 2016-07-07 12:00

In tree of savior, there are different levels for the equipment, and it is a task for you to upgrade your equipment and weapons. You can experience the success when you get the top level for your equipment. And now i will give a guide. 

First of all, to improve your equipment the most important factor is Anvils. You can buy some from Item Merchant Mirina in Klaipeda, you may need to pay 300 silver. And then, you can use them by click on it from inventory and chose the items you want to upgrade. When you hit the Enhance button, the anvil will be placed on the ground. Before you complete upgrading it, you must hit your anvil with an attack three times. When you fail to upgrade your equipment will lose a "potential" one point. This durability is listed above, when you see the message Project ". +5 Later, we have a chance to make your upgrade will fail. If it fails, you will lose points and a potential upgrade of equipment will be reset. Several accessories increased decreased. This does not happen armor and weapons. Upgrade needs to consume a considerable amount of silver. Each upgrade will become more expensive. 

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