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Guide for Gearing Recalibration in the Division

time 2016-07-22 12:00

In the division, recaliabtation provide the chance to modify your existing gear. Recalibration is unlocked in the Tech Wing upgrade Recalibration, which makes the Stat Switch Perk available. Once unlocked, you may visit the Recalibration Station in the Tech Wing to effectively re-roll a stat in your equipment. And now, i will give some suggestion and my own experience for gearing recalibration.

All attributes of a given piece of gear are eligible for recalibration. Mod slots quantities remain unchanged from 1.3's standard (2 on chest, 1 on mask, 1 on bag, 1 on kneepads). Each recalibration of an attribute has a fixed credit amount based on gear score. Changing which attribute to recalibrate costs a fixed (or variable) amount of a new gear currency and Phoenix credits. Drops from hostiles similar to weapon kits, division tech.
Each gear set piece awards a single gear token equal to its tier level on dismantling
GS 191 rewards a Tier 1 token (could include 163 High End)
GS 214 rewards a Tier 2 token (could include 182 High End)
GS 240 rewards a Tier 3 token (could include 204 High End)
GS 268 rewards a Tier 4 token (could include 229 High End)
Dismantling each gear set piece awards a set number of tokens based on gear score (crafted items excluded?)
GS 191 yields 1 Gear Token
GS 214 yields 2 Gear Tokens
GS 240 yields 3 Gear Tokens
GS 268 yields 4 Gear Tokens
Each gear set, regardless of gear score, has their own token pool on dismantling. Awarded at the completion of end game activities.

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