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The Keywords of Euro 2016 – Tears(II)

time 2016-07-25 17:47

With the Euro 2016 over, there not only has the happiness, but also there has the sadness. The happiness for the Portugal, the Ronaldo, the Iceland and so on. The tears for other players and countries who are not get the champions.

We have pushed topic about the Euro 2016 before, and today we will continue to introduce the tthis topic – The keywords of Euro 2016 – Tears(II).

For this topic, we will introduce you a superstar, who are from the Franch and also a member of Atletico Madrid. The keywords for him is Crying Today, Smile Next Day.

About one month, the Griezmann missed two important trophy with the Atletico and Franch, the UEFA Champions League and the European Cup. Maybe he is lacking of a little lucky. When he sad with handed the silver medal after beating by portugal to get the runner-up in the European cup as the hosting, although he got the golden boot trophy during the match, which can not give him the smile.

Do not sad, you should believe that a 25-years old players, you can look forward everything you desired, the failure of today will be the rich in your heart, and you can cherish it. The things to let you cry today, and it also can let you be succeed another day, when you come to success for one day, you will smile sincerely.

Besides the tears we remember from the Griezmann, we also can remember the handsome face from him, and more female fans are focus on the football match, especially for the Franch match, just because the handsome face of the Griezmann. Of course the skill of him is also great. Do not only remember the tears, the handsome face and the great skill we also should remember.

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