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The Keywords of Euro 2016 – Tears(IV)

time 2016-07-28 17:56

In the Euro 2016, we do not only remember the champion and the loser of the match. We also should remember the tears of the DarioSrna, the Croatia Captain, whose father is died during the period of the Euro 2016. 

The DarioSrna is the captain of the Croatia, who has played many matches for the Croatia. For the Euro 2016, he also played for the Croatia, the keywords for him is the football is not higher than life, only to relief the sad.

For Euro 2016, the Croatia beat the Turkey in the first match, the players have not had the celebrations, the captain Dariosrna got a call at the door of the dressing room, whicha he get the message that his father died. After receiving the call, he come back to home, to join the funeral of his father. And then he chose to back to the Croatia national team at the first and to train, and be the start XI in the match with Czech.

The family need him, and the country also need him at the same time. For this case, the playing the important role as a man, before the match, when the national anthem of Croatia played, Dariosrna is crying, not only for the tired of him, but also for his father, his family. All the fans are sympathize with him, a real man who loves the football and loves the family more. When the family and the country need him at the same time, he chooses the country, we should praise him for this spirit. 

Although the Croatia is not going to the last, we remember the tears of the Dariosrna, after the Euro 2016, Dariosrna decided to retired from the national team, he said he want to have more time to accompany the family. The tears of the Dariosrna is not for the football, just for the family. 

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