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The Keywords of Euro 2016 – Tears(VI)

time 2016-08-01 17:45

If you are a fan of football, you must know 2 superstars, the Messi and the CR7. Messi we have introduced to you in the last article. For this article, we will introduce the another superstar, CR7. The keywords for CR7 is maybe you should cry before the success.

In the Euro 2016 final, CR7 falls down one time, twice and third time, at last he picks off the captain’s armband at his arm, maybe most players feel that his life is for that, even it is for 12 years to interval, the runner-up will be got again.

The destiny is playing a joke with him, it still sent the trophy to him at last. Someone said it is lucky for him, but we think he should get this trophy. He tried his best to play every match, the attitude of insists for him, he encourages his teammates in the touchline, all of these let him to close to the champion.

When you are disappointed, even despair, you’d better to insist on, because the destiny maybe playing a joke with you and let you try before the dreams come true.  

In my opinion, the CR7 is really a great players, he is trainning hard, playing better, and in his real life, he helps the poors and help the cancer children, all of these are the great spirit for a player.

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