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FUT 17 Pumping Package

time 2016-11-14 13:07

In FUT 17, pumping package is luck which can bring a good players, although the players are usually have not more skills, many FUT 17 gamers want the experience of pumping package, and now i will share my pumping package experience.

First of all, I took out 2, 12,000, 5,250. Get the money to buy the following lineup! My advice for you is the sub-pumping package, my first 12,000 is a one-time pump out the result of a degea, followed by pumping I was a sub-pumping, the effect is very good, once the 600 Green Point out 450 Chiellini and Cantor! Talk about how sub-pumping package, that is, when you play the game will not be full-time green dot pump, according to the number of red and green points to determine the number of packets per time, for example, 12,000 points, Package, and then kick a game, and then pumping ten packets, so to continue, anyway, is to take 12,000 points as 120,000 points to use.

My experience is that the probability of each pumping package is almost the same time, pumping dozens of packages is roughly the same effect, in order to have access to a good player increase. EA card pack can help so much, 12,000 points and 150 points, the probability seems to me no difference, the key is to win the probability of different time slots will be different! Facts tell me the effect is very fun, but also hand addiction package, play the game has become happy.

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