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FUT 17 Auction Tips

time 2016-11-21 13:16

An impressive thing about FUT 17 is that, aside from being an excellent football game, FUT 17 boasts an impressive economy system that has its own little auction houses scattered about. This system runs on players and virtual currency but there are some tricks which will allow you to manipulate the market of FUT 17 and use it to your advantage. Buy low, sell high and don’t get caught by the FBI cause we are talking about the tips you need to know in order to make your experience with FUT 17’s auction house trading a good one. 

The Auction tips
Start playing ASAP- the faster you get into FUT, the better the market prices will be and the higher chances you will have to get someone good.

Study the market- always skip the first option that pops up from the search and take into account everything you find.

Focus your field- If someone has a monopoly on one thing, stay clear of it. 

Get rid of the useless cards- let’s be honest, you will never use them and they are just clogging up your roster. 

Invest- Get those Blue In Form cards rolling because they are worth absurd amounts of money to the right people. If you need fut 17 coins or fut 17 points for help, you can come to our site to buy, we will give you the best service for buying. 

What else?
That’s pretty much the gist of it, anything else would go into complex economic tactics and analysis of market fluc… Il shut up now. FUT 17 does have a complex auction system in place but with these tips you can beat it easily. Just be sure to check who you buy from and what you sell since some people can be very sneaky online, go figure. I hope this little tip guide book was helpful and that you will become richer using the FUT 17 tips mentioned above. So what are you waiting for, FUT 17 is turned on and ready to be played. 

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