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Madden NFL 17 Possible Scripting

time 2017-01-15 10:00

Well boys it’s that time of the month again when another EA game has been shown to have possible scripted content. With the way FUT 17 went off with the shady scripting it could be possible that Madden NFL 17 is scripted as well. Is this true? Is there credible evidence? I have absolutely no idea… But the internet does, and we are here to talk about that. So scroll on down to discover whether Madden NFL 17 is scripted or not.
The Story
There are infinite variables so it can't be totally scripted. But I suppose there are moments when the CPU is simply programmed to break every tackle or something....
But honestly, you play the game long enough and the games gets so easy and there is nothing suspicious -- you can just run up the score.
So I think most of the times the "comeback" mode is in people's head. But I suspect there are occasional animations (liked the blocked kick) which are pre-determined once the snap happens....But again, infinite variables -- what play you call, your pre-snap adjustments, your user activity, the stamina etc... So with all those variables, "scripted" is probably not the right word.
So is it scripted?
Hard to tell really… But sadly with all of that news about FUT 17 being scripted it might not be all that farfetched that Madden NFL 17 is too. Players have seen a lot of rubber band effects in the game (not in of course) and there have been several claims on various forums that Madden NFL 17 shows scripted content. Whatever you choose to believe, I think that we can all agree that Madden NFL 17 is a great game and that a bit of shady scripting would not ruin it… Right ?

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