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STO War Zones Explained

time 2017-02-07 10:00

Players who achieved level five with a character are eligible to enter a War Zone. They will be placed in a War Zone according the their level. Two teams from opposite factions enter a race to acquire resources. Borg mobs try to slow them down. There are multiple access points. Players choose one depending where they want to fight: on ground or in space. 

There are two access points that transport players to the ground War Zone. There is not much to do here but it's a good place to do some PvP and get easy rewards. After a quick encounter with the Borg, players will go to the center of the map and engage combatants from the opposite faction. Players get rewarded according to their PvP performance. 

Entrances to space War Zones are located in the Ker'rat and N'vak systems. There are two objectives that have to be completed: to scan Borg nodes and to destroy repair hubs. To scan a node, players have to be in close proximity and out of combat. Players get attacked by Probes and Spheres while both type of Cubes act neutral. The second phase of the War Zone begins after eight nodes are scanned. The Cubes turn hostile. The objective of the second phase is to take down four repair Hulks. These Hulks cannot do damage but they are extremely well protected by Cubes. There are two types of Cubes: normal and tactical. Cubes of the second kind are four times more damage resistant than normal Cubes and require three ships to be destroyed. Normal Cubes can be easily handled by two ships. When the four repair hubs are down the battle ends. The first five players who achieved at least one point get rewards and bonuses. War Zone prize list includes fleet marks and dilithium. STO War Zones have become a popular farming place as they allow players to quickly obtain resources. There are also more than 10 missions whose objective involves War Zone completion. Most of these missions rewards at least 1000 dilithium. War Zone is very good to play for sto fans but if you don't have time to do it, buy STO power leveling cheap will be a great choice which is easy and fast. Also cheap STO Credits will help you a lot while playing this game. 

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