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How to defeat Grand Magistrix Elisande and Guldan in Nighthold World of Warcraft

time 2017-02-09 10:00

Grand Magistrix Elisande fight consists of three phases. Each phase begins when Elisande reaches 10% health. She will rewind time healing herself and adding new mechanics for each phase. In phase one, she will summon two adds: one blue and one pink. When the adds are killed, they spawn a time manipulating bubble. The blue bubble slows time while the pink one speeds time. Players' abilities are affected by time slowing or speeding. The boss will randomly switch location and summon a circle of orbs that converge to her. These orbs are affected by the time bubbles. When going through the blue bubble an opening which players can use to safely dodge the orb circle is created. Players also have to soak puddles of Spanning Singularity. Tanks swap at 4-6 stacks of Ablation debuff. In the second phase, the tank affected by this debuff has to move away from the group. Players have to stand in the swirl marks on the floor to absorb Epocheric Orbs. Those branded with Delphuric Beam have to stop moving while the others move away from them. In the third phase, players get a bomb debuff. The time bubbles are used to manage this debuff. 
Guldan is another three phase encounter. The entire fight requires dealing with nasty abilities and adds. In the first phase, the three adds should be tanked together and cleaved down fast with Inquisitor Vethriz taking priority over the other two. Throughout the fight, adds always have priority over the boss. Positioning is extremely important as there are lots of abilities that deal a ton of damage. Each player will get an extra ability according to their role. Healers and tanks can use this ability to mitigate damage from Liquid Hellfire. Eye of Guldan is another troublemaker. Players have to immediately kill the summoned adds. DPS players can use their extra ability to boost dealt damage. Bonds of Fel is an ability introduced in phase two, these bonds slow multiple raid members and deal damage. Players have to move away to break them but there should be other players around to help soak the damage. Melee players have to stay as far away from tanks as possible because of the Felscythe ability. In phase three, groups of players take turns stepping inside the Well of Souls to reduce damage taken from the Black Harvest. Those affected by Flame of Sargeras move away from the group. 
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