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How to Gain Reputation with STO Factions

time 2017-03-27 15:00

Level 50 STO users gain access to the reputation system. To earn reputation with a certain faction, players must complete all sorts of tasks and unlock all five reputation tiers. Rewards are faction specific. There are ten factions related to in game groups or organizations. Events faction is also considered part of the reputation system as it gives players the chance to get rare prizes when completing reputation missions during timed events. 
There are three primary ways to gain reputation towards a certain faction. Each STO faction has an adventure zone that rewards players with faction specific marks. Multiplayer missions available from the PvE queue are another way to acquire reputation. The number of available missions is not the same for all factions. For example, Dyson Joint Command has three missions while New Romulus has five. In addition to adventure zones and missions, some factions also have daily events that can be completed for reputation. STO reputation system is based on marks acquired as rewards from reputation activities. Reputation tiers are unlocked using these marks. To advance from the first to the last reputation tier, players need 1225 marks per faction. Other resources such as expertise and cheap STO energy credits are needed as well. Players will spend 600,000 STO credits Xbox One (PS4/PC) and use 80,000 expertise to unlock tier five. STO has a system that helps players gain more reputation when playing with another character on the same account. If a character has unlocked the highest reputation level with a faction (tier five), another character on that account will get double the XP when working towards the same faction. The amount of needed resources and the time to get to reputation tier five is then halved. One of the most compelling reasons to earn reputation is to unlock abilities. Players are able to customize their characters with these new skills. Costumes and equipment are also earned as reputation rewards. 

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