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Is it Worth Getting a STO Lifetime Subscription?

time 2017-04-30 15:00

STO, the MMORPG based on the famous sci fi series, is a free game with an optional premium subscription. There are four payment plans so players can pay once a month, once every three months, once every six months or unlock a lifetime subscription. The last option is obviously the most expensive. Let's analyze it and see if it's worth the money. 
STO players pay depending on the selected subscription. They will pay $15 a month if the first option is chosen. Those who choose the other plans end up paying $14 a month for the three months plan and $13 for the six months one. Lifetime membership costs $300. A simple calculus shows that players need to be active for at least 24 months to get a good deal. 
Any player with a subscription becomes a gold member. Lifetime members automatically gain all gold member benefits and more. Premium members get 500 Zen per month that is worth around $5. The STO energy credit storage is upgraded. Members get 1000 dilithium refinement once every two days. They are also given login priority and access to Tribble, the beta test server. For every new rank, members obtain a free retrain. Lifetime subscribers get all that plus a special title and costume, access to a veterans only area, Liberated Borg unlock and all rewards from the veteran plan. This veteran plan rewards players based on their premium subscription duration. The highest reward is acquired for 1000 days and includes ships, forum titles and more. 
The trouble is that not many players like to make long term commitments especially when that involves spending a significant amount of money. Lifetime membership will certainly not appeal to new players but for veterans who keep coming back to the game it can be a really good deal. STO is one of the best sci fi MMORPGs, it is regularly updated and maintained so it's safe to say that it will still be around for many more years to come. About twice a year, a promotion allows players to become lifetime subscribers for 30% less money. Choose a most suitable one for yourself, and choose u7buy as your STO Master Key store will definately help you save money. 

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