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H1Z1 is Out of Early Access

time 2018-03-14 10:48

H1Z1 is a game with a complicated history. There were times when players were unsure of its future. After three years in Early Access, the game has finally released as a full product. February 28th, 2018 is the day when H1Z1 is celebrating launch day. The launch day update comes with new game features and improvements.
Auto royale is a new game mode. This came as a big surprise as the developers didn't announce they were planning to add a new mode. The new way to play the game, auto royale, is a mix between battle royale, team-based gameplay, and vehicles. Players and their teammates get into a car and compete according to battle royale rules. The mode supports up to 30 teams competing on the same map. Players will discover new mechanics such as double jumps and ramps. New vehicles such as military cars and new weapons like the light machine gun were added for the new mode. Obstacles such as landmines will make matches more challenging. 
The first H1Z1 season has begun. The ranking system takes into consideration, as it is normal, players' performance. Players may lose ranks if they have a performance drop. The number of kills may also affect ranking but this doesn't mean that players can rank up just by killing their enemies. Tactical development is another new feature. From now on, players will be able to select the location where they will be parachuted. They can also see where the other participants decided to start the game. If players are in a team, the leader will decide the starting point. 
Players will also notice that H1Z1 has a new user interface that is more easy to use than the old one. A convenient mini-map is placed by default in the lower right corner of the screen. Players can move its location and even turn it off. The inventory was also improved and the new settings menu allows players to change settings faster. A new type of crate called Victory is available. Players will also earn a new type of prizes called skull rewards. 
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