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Rocket League - What is Rumble Mode

time 2018-04-24 10:30

Rumble mode is one of the craziest ways to play Rocket League. The mode has easy rules and fun gameplay. It's pretty much a battle royale scenario with a twist. Battle royale means that victory goes to the player or the team who manages to outlive all enemies. The twist is the use of power-ups. These are buffs that give access to various powers for a limited period of time. But there's one more catch. The power-ups are randomly received. This is what makes this mode so much fun to play. There isn't a strategy that can be used from the beginning of the match to the end to achieve victory. Players must learn how to make the best of a situation using the received power-up. The fact that the power-ups are random makes this mode's gameplay unpredictable and exciting. 
It's obvious that power-ups are the most important features in this mode. There are eleven of them. A system of strengths and weaknesses keeps power-ups in balance. Each power-up is effective against a few power-ups in particular but can also be countered by using other power-ups. Let's take the boot power-up. It's one of the most fun to use because of its effect and animation. The boot is used to kick an enemy car and what better way to illustrate this than with a boot on springs. Players are advised to use the boot when their opponents use magnetizer (causes the ball to move towards the user's car), plunger (gets the ball with plunger and cord), spike (causes the ball to get stuck to the car), tornado (ball and enemy cars are engulfed in a swirl), or power hitter (enhances the hit) and other Rocket League items. The grappling hook (causes the car to move towards the ball) and the plunger are good to use against the boot. Players get a random power-up that is consumed upon use. Once every 10 seconds, after a power-up was used, a new power-up is received. This mode is available to play in private, exhibition, and online playlists.  

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