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Keys to Create the Definitive Lateral Defense in FUT 18 (2/2)

time 2018-04-25 10:09

As we promised you last week, we are here to continue with this little guide to create the best defense player on FUT 18. Remember that you have to take into account this 3 tips in order to achieve it. 
It´s time to defend 
Once built a side that is a real physical beast, the second thing we should focus on is to increase their skills in defense. These are important statistics, because, if we have a player with a lot of power in the melee, but do not know how to put the leg correctly at the right time, we will be a team to commit fouls and in many cases, our player will not finish the match.
Therefore, this skill is very important. But do not let go of our heads when it comes to investing all our skill points, as we have other qualities that we should also enhance.
Pass, center and shots
When we project ourselves in attack, it will not do us any good to gain an advantageous position in the opposite field if we do not have technical resources to join the attack. Here the specific tastes of each player would enter.
If you want to move only on the lime line, power the long centers. If in your Pro Club you have forwards with a good head lead, they will appreciate it. If, on the other hand, you prefer to draw diagonals and make raids in the area, increase your stats in passing (especially to draw walls with the midfielders) and take a few shots in case you get in front of the goalkeeper at some point. Or buy fut 18 account with coins in and start! The choice is yours.

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