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World of Warcraft - Seat of the Pantheon Tactics

time 2018-05-02 04:52

Aggramar. This World of Warcraft encounter is all about dealing with Aggramar's sword abilities. Foe Breaker requires the entire raid, except one tank, to be behind the boss. Flame Rend damage is shared between all the affected players so they all should stand in front of the boss. Players have to move out of the Searing Tempest and Flare. The raid should stay fairly spread because of the Scorching Blaze debuff. Wake of Flame is an ability that causes fire waves to spawn from the boss. Players should avoid them. When the boss uses the shield, the raid will deal with adds. The fight has three phases in which the bosses uses pretty much the same abilities. During the intermission, adds must be killed. 
Argus the Unmaker. The last World of Warcraft Legion boss is not actually that hard to defeat in normal mode. Players need to stay very close to each other for the Cone of Death. Those with Soulblight need to move at the back of the group. Some players will be affected by a buff that places a buff orb on the ground. Players should take the buff (by going near the orb) that has the best attribute combo depending on their class and specialization. In the second phase, players with Soulburst and Soulbomb will stay away from others. Players need to also watch out for scythes that deal damage. Phase three is about killing seven adds. The adds will get a debuff that makes them susceptible to different types of damage so DPS should prioritize the adds based on their buff. Once the fourth phase begins, all players die. Buy World of Warcraft Gold for your character before start. They will release and go towards the tree making sure to avoid the adds. The tree can be used to resurrect throughout phase four but bear in mind that each resurrect depletes a portion of its energy. Once players are back up, they need to interrupt Argus. The blue orbs have to be killed. They will leave smaller orbs that can only be seen while in ghost form. Players that are dead should absorb these orbs that will give a raid buff. The Soulburst and Soulbomb from phase two are still present in this phase. Embers of Rage are blue spots on the ground that must be avoided. 

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