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FUT Mobile – What Are Squad Building Challenges

time 2018-05-25 10:47

Several months into Season 2, FUT Mobile went through an important update. Changes were made and some additions were brought into the game. One of these additions is a new game activity called squad building challenges or SBC for short. 
Squad building challenges are found in the Events menu. The first time players access this event, they will be presented with the Intro. This consists of 11 tasks. There is also a presentation video made by a community member. Tapping on the video icon will take players to YouTube where they can watch the guide that explains what squad building challenges are all about. It's not mandatory to watch the movie to understand the new event. The Intro does a pretty good job at explaining it as well. Players just have to follow the tasks. The event requires players to come up with teams that match the requirements. The second task will show players how to complete a challenge. The requirements for a certain challenge are displayed on the right side of the screen. It's important to mention that the FUT players used in these squads will be lost once the challenge is complete. Instead, the user receives some rewards to make up for the lost player card. Reserve players are used for the challenge. The requirements are conditions such as certain OVR, nation, and so on. There are some search filters that allow users to quickly find the eligible players that meet the conditions for a challenge. To complete the challenge, players have to press the submit button that becomes available once the requirements are met. The reward is received and players can move on to the next challenge. In exchange for the players, users receive FUT Mobile coins, training XP, and other items. These challenges are a good way to transform low OVR players into valuable rewards. 
After players are done with the Intro challenges, they can move on to the main activity. New challenges are available on weekly basis. The challenges reset on Sunday. 

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