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World of Warcraft – What Are Allied Races

time 2018-05-28 08:58

Battle for Azeroth is the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. It is planned for release on the 14th of August. Players can unlock some of the features if they pre-order the expansion. One of these features is access to some of the allied races. Battle for Azeroth has new races that are actually different versions of the existing ones. These allied races are tribes or organizations of the old races that are already available to play. As one can imagine, there are Horde and Alliance allied races. They share a connection with the story. Players will be able to make a character using the allied races once they complete the quests to befriend them. 
The Alliance allied races are Lightforged Draenei, Void Elves, and Dark Iron Dwarves. Lightforged Draenei are members of the Army of the Light who merged with the Holy Light. Alleria Windrunner was the first who managed to subdue the Void and became the first Void Elf. Under the command of Moira Thaurissan, the Dark Iron Dwarves agreed to aid the Alliance. The first two races are available once players pre-order the expansion but the third becomes playable on August 14th. The Horde allied races are Highmountain Tauren, Nightborne, and Mag'har Orcs. Highmountain Tauren are among the most honorable Horde races. They will follow the path of the other Tauren and join the Horde. Nightborne are the inhabitants of Suramar. Now they are free from the Legion and ready to leave their 10,000 years old home. Mag'har is the Orcish tribe that refused Gul'dan's deal. This race is available when the expansion is released while the others are part of the pre-order deal. Each allied race comes with four or five perks. The class selection is also different from the one of the main race. For example, none of the allied races can be turned into a death knight. Each race has a heritage armor set that is obtained after players level an allied race character to maximum level. 

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